Pharmacist pulling prescription from medication shelf

Hometown Pharmacies & Mauston & New Lisbon

By providing full-service pharmacies in two locations, and convenient prescription dispensing units in three area clinics, we make efforts to bring the services you need right to your community. We are committed to meeting your needs with dignity and respect.

In addition to the convenience and caring you’ll experience, you’ll also have the opportunity to be connected to a pharmacy that is on the cutting edge of technology, and a staff that is continually advancing its knowledge in the latest techniques and best resources for you.

Local Pharmacies. Local Partners. A Tradition of Caring.

Mile Bluff Pharmacies was formed when three long-standing community partners came together - Phillips Pharmacy, Raabe’s Pharmacy and Mile Bluff Medical Center. The three organizations had worked together for decades to provide exceptional medical and pharmaceutical care to the region. Coming together was a natural transition that has allowed the three teams to become one that serves as a go-to resource for area residents.

When you walk into any of the Mile Bluff Pharmacies facilities, you will experience a hometown atmosphere that is unique to an organization with such advanced capabilities and technology. This long-standing tradition of care and excellence is one of many things that sets Mile Bluff Pharmacies apart.